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Many people are unaware of how the electrical system works for their business. Iff they did, then there wouldn’t really be such a demand for qualified electricians as there is. Because of this, people tend only to find a good electrician when something actually goes wrong.

We believe that you should find and maintain a working relationship with a professionally qualified commercial electrician to be available for any electrical needs for your North York business. Building this relationship means that you have someone to advise you and to rely on when things go wrong.

Using our experiences with our happy clientele, we have compiled a list of four reasons why you should hire a commercial electrician for your business.


A big issue businesses can face is an unsafe building for their employees due to any faulty wiring, damage or wear and tear on their electrical components. If you even suspect anything, you should contact a professional electrician to investigate and rewire anything that may be required.

Motor Installation

If your North York business is operating with commercial motors, you may at sometime need to replace them with new motors due to damages or natural expected life usage. This should strictly only be done by a qualified commercial electrician.

Parking Lights

A reliable commercial electrician will always make sure that your business is adequately lit, inside and outside. Parking lights help shine light on your business, and your commercial electrician will always be there for you to switch it back on.


Generators are a great way to ensure that your business is always able to operate, regardless of any power outages. Installing generators as a backup allows you to rest comfortably knowing that your business will not lose any money due to the inability to operate. Ensure you get a skilled commercial electrician to install it for you.

Our commercial electricians are able to assist your business in North York with any of the above needs and more. All Intell Electrical Services electricians are competent leaders in the field, and you can rest assured we have you covered.

Contact us today to start building that working relationship!

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