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Young children are inherently curious by nature, and this curiosity does not bode well when combined with the potential dangers of electricity. Fortunately, there are many easy and effective ways to prevent any electrical-related incidents from occurring.

Whether you are welcoming your own child into the world or you plan on having friends and family over who have children, it is always a good idea to ensure that your home’s electrical system is fully childproof.

As professional residential electricians, the team at Intell Electrical Services sheds some light on creating a safe electrical environment for children.

Purchase Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are a very affordable way to create a safe environment in your home. These outlet covers provide a barrier between the socket and any little fingers, and they can easily be removed should you need to use the outlet.

Keep Wires Organized

Wires and extension cords could be the cause of trips, falls, and other potential dangers. You want to keep your wires organized and tucked out of the way, and any extension cords should run as close to the wall as possible.

Block Off Access To Certain Areas

Certain areas, such as the garage and the kitchen, have a lot more going on in terms of potentially dangerous appliances in comparison to other rooms. It may be well worth blocking off access to these areas for little ones.

Keep Potentially Dangerous Appliances Out Of Reach

Certain appliances are more dangerous than others. Appliances that produce heat or could potentially shock a child should be kept as far away from their reach as possible. This means keeping certain items on high surfaces or stored in cupboards.

Invest In Electrical Maintenance

To ensure that your electrical system is running as it should, you need to invest in regular electrical maintenance carried out by a professional residential electrician. Any potential issues will be picked up ahead of time, and you’ll know whether you require any switchboard upgrades, rewiring, etc.

Are you looking for reliable, professional residential electricians in North York? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the trusted experts at Intell Electrical Services. We’d love to be part of your next residential or commercial electrical project. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions regarding our services.

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