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There are many commercial electrical contractors in Toronto, but you need to be cautious about who you pick. Some contractors will hold themselves accountable to a higher level of work standard, and other contractors are looking for the most money for the cheapest job.

We understand that running your business is rightfully your priority, and you do not want to be occupied by trying to decide on which electrician to hire.

Therefore, to ease your burden, we have compiled a few guidelines to aid you in choosing a professional commercial electrical contractor for your business. These are guidelines that we strictly adhere to in order to give the best possible service to our clients.


Your chosen electrician should have a track record of leaving job sites as clean as when they arrived. You don’t want someone who doesn’t respect your property and leaves wire clippings around your business’s building.


Trust is very important between you and your electrician, as you are inviting them into your business premise. We understand that you don’t have the time to supervise them to ensure nothing gets stolen.


We view professionalism as being reliable, dependable, honest, consistent, and hard-working. Your electrician should arrive on time, be honest about the costs involved, and consistently provide you with great-quality work.


Commercial electrical work can be more complex than residential work. You need to make sure that your commercial electrician has the relevant knowledge to perform the various tasks for your specific business.


A great electrician is constantly trying to learn more techniques and keeps up with the latest trends and developments in the industry. If your electrician has this mindset, they could end up saving your business money with a new energy-saving method.

Proven Track Record

If the prospective electrician you are looking at does not have any reviews or good reviews, you should be cautious. Not all of their reviews need to be 5 stars, but they should not be mostly 3 and lower. Make sure to check out their profile before hiring them.

Intell Electrical Services are professional commercial electrical contractors operating in the Toronto region. Our electricians are friendly, trustworthy, and highly skilled in what they do.

When you need any help with your commercial electrical needs, reach out to us via our contact page.

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