Intel Electrical Inc

Programmable & Scrolling
LED Signs Services

What We Offer

We offer programmable and scrolling LED sign services in modules are engineered to optimize thermal and photometric performance while minimizing cost and providing maximum flexibility and modularity. Our products come in your desired modules and are available in a wide variety of configurations and shapes for use in any type of luminaire.

Our services offer exceptional visual effects with impressive videos, images, and text. Its high brightness, contrast, and wide color gamut ensure that the advertising content captures attention in any environment.

Our boards can be remotely controlled and displayed via WiFi. Simply connect to WiFi and use software to freely edit the advertising content. You can also save the content to a USB drive and easily create unique advertising messages and designs.

Scrolling LED Signs at a gas station

Modify the content anytime based on seasons and events to launch Effective marketing campaigns.

FlexibilityComing in different sizes, the boards are suitable for various locations. Whether it is a storefront window, wall, or an outdoor billboard, you can flexibly arrange it according to your needs. The vibrant colors and captivating visuals attract customers’ visual attention, leaving a lasting impression.

Easy to Use: The product package includes a stand, power adapter, and programming software. You can easily learn how to use the advertising display We always ensure your needs are covered.

Easy to Use Software: Take the pain and frustration out of programming your message. Where most sign software is an exercise in patience, we help you use it easily and even with fun to craft your marketing messages.