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Surge Protection Solution
Greater Toronto Area

Premium Surge Protection in Toronto to Keep Your Electronics Safe

Have you ever thought about the major damage that power surges can do to your costly electrical devices? One strong power surge can destroy your prized possessions within a matter of seconds.
Here in Canada, power surges happen far more often than you may think, and they cause extensive damage to electronics in homes and businesses across the country. If you don’t want to experience the frustration that comes with having your electronics damaged in the blink of an eye, you may be interested in investing in surge protection.

At Intell Electrical

Here at Intell Electrical, we recommend that you invest in a whole-home power surge solution that protects your entire home and all your devices from power surges in your area. Intell Electrical offers this useful service to homeowners located in the greater Toronto area, and our electricians are here to ensure that the job is done right.
Our skilled and experienced electricians create a customized surge protection setup for your property. We have been offering this service, as well as panel upgrades, for many years, and we have seen the peace of mind that surge protection has given our clients.
It is our passion to help our valued clients create a safe and functional home, so take the first step by getting in touch with our team today!

How Does Whole-Home Surge Protection Actually Work?

When you invest in surge protection, it only makes sense that you should protect your home in its entirety, and this requires more than just a single installation. Unfortunately, a single installation is simply not enough to protect all of your devices and electrical components.
This is where whole-home surge protection comes in. With whole-home surge protection, a number of protective barriers are placed on your electrical panel to protect your home and your devices. What these barriers do is essentially dull the incoming surges, absorbing any excess voltage that may occur. This way, the electrical surge never makes its way anywhere near any of your expensive electrical appliances.
Here at Intell Electrical, we offer whole-home surge protection services in Toronto and surrounding areas, so feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team if you’d like to find out more.