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When you look at your business’s monthly expenditures, you may find that a significant chunk is spent on utilities, including electricity. Whether you are a freelancer who works from home or you own a huge factory that needs to power dozens of machines, there are always ways you can reduce your electrical costs.

As experienced commercial electrical contractors in Mississauga, we have the inside scoop on how you can start saving money on energy costs, starting today.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Many studies show that swapping over to energy-efficient bulbs is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your electrical costs. This is especially true for large commercial buildings and retail outlets that keep lights on overnight. While making the initial swap may require some monetary outlay, in the long run, you will definitely save.

Become Aware

Did you know that more than half of Canadian households use smart meters? This is because smart meters provide you with far more information about your utility usage than regular meters. Smart meters shed light on where and when you are using the most electricity. Armed with this info, you can reduce your usage.

Create Incentives for Your Staff

Even if you employ just one person, it is important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to saving on electricity. Certain procedures and standardizations need to be in place if this is going to work. A very basic example would be that the bathroom light should always be left off when not in use. Try creating some sort of reward or incentive to encourage your staff members to reduce their electricity usage.

Get in a Professional Contractor to Educate You

If you own a large commercial establishment, it may be difficult to determine exactly where you are wasting electricity. A professional commercial electrical contractor can easily point out problem areas and ways in which you can address the issue.

Are you looking for trusted commercial electrical contractors in Mississauga to install a smart meter, help you make the swap over to energy-efficient lighting, or assist you with any other energy-saving techniques?

Contact us at Intell Electrical Services today for the best electrical services in the Greater Toronto Area!

Did you know?

At Intell Electrical Inc. we also manufacture and service custom food trucks and ice cream trucks! We have the ablitliy to design, engineer, and build your truck to fit your unique business needs, along with servicing of your vehicle, as needed.

When you are looking to venture out into the realm of mobile food services, give Intell Electrical a call and we will discuss the vehicle of your dreams!

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