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Whether you are about to start building a new building or you have an existing building, cutting corners or using a very cheap electrician who doesn’t know what they are doing can lead to unexpected problems later on.

Your commercial building is an investment, whether to rent out or to run your business. Therefore, ensuring that you only use a professional commercial electrical contractor for your North York buildings is important. We would like to show you, based on our experience, why this is so.

Unexpected Costs

Getting your electrical needs done for your building the “cheap” way will only damage your bank account in the long run. The savings you get now will end up not being cost-effective in the long run.

We are constantly getting called out to fix mistakes which could have been avoided in the first place, had a professional done the work in the first place. Cheap labour will, more often than not, give you cheap results.

Some examples of costly mistakes include:

    • Frequent light bulb burnout, caused by a poor connection, which will result in you going through light bulbs more often.
    • Circuit boards constantly tripped, caused by poor workmanship, running too much power through the board.
    • Unlabeled or unorganized electric panels, resulting in the inability to identify areas and switch off power to those areas.

All of the above means that you would have to bring in a professional electrician to fix the poor quality of work previously done. Rather, get it right from the beginning and hire a professional.

Risk Of Fire

The worst-case scenario for all commercial property owners is fire. Even if your property is insured, this is just something you do not want to go through. Two major risks of fire could be caused by faulty wiring or wires rubbing together (referred to as overcrowding).

You should be protecting your biggest asset from the start. Think about it ‒ you wouldn’t pull anyone off the street to be your doctor, so don’t do the same to your building.

We at Intell Electrical Services are trusted professionals and experienced commercial electrical contractors in the North York area.

Contact us today to ensure that your electrical needs are sorted from the beginning or fixed before any further damage is caused.

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